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The McPherson County 4-H and Open Fair has had a demolition derby as part of its activities since 1982. It is held the last Sunday of the fair each year. It has always been a huge attraction.


Several years ago, the derby declined in the number of entries until 2017, when a change in leadership on the committee happened. The fair derby was now going in a positive direction again.

The fall of 2017 brought a new event to the McPherson County Fairgrounds in Canton. The “Demo Clean-up Derby” came to life during late October. This event brought contestants from all over Kansas, some from Oklahoma, Nebraska and from as far away as Texas. This resulted in the increase of contestants to the fair derby in 2018. The contestants that fall were extremely impressed by the facilities and the way the derby was run.

The name changed in 2019 to the Halloween Hang-Over and was set for the first weekend in November following Halloween. The numbers grew exponentially and even with the crisis of 2020, the numbers at the event were good.

There were conflicts with the date in 2020, as others across the state saw that the McPherson County Fair Association had a new “gold mine” in revenue and entertainment for everyone.

2022 looks to be a another GREAT year with the demo derby running on Sunday July 17th!

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