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Kansas High School & Junior High Rodeo

Many years ago, the McPherson County Fair Association approached the Kansas High School Rodeo Association to see if a rodeo could be held in Canton, Kansas. MCFA had to go through an application process to achieve this. When MCFA first received their approval, they hosted a spring event and later that fall for the following school year they hosted a fall rodeo. The rodeo students traveled from all over Kansas to participate in Canton. Most of the rodeos that were in existence were way out west and back east within the state.

With Canton being centrally located to major highways it was an easy spot for the high school cowboys and cowgirls to come from all across the state to participate. For a few years, the MCFA did not host a High School Rodeo. Now, they only host one a year and it is usually in the fall. There 17-acre campus is filled with horse trailers, both high school and junior high school cowboys and cowgirls and their families. It is with immense pride that the volunteer MCFA members help to put this event on.

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